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    21st october o7 changed my life,
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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    outing at one utama .

    omg today i woke up at 9.45 -_-
    and it was considered late for aljer , samantha , grace and michelle -_-
    and i was the latest to reach there .
    had my breakfast at starbucks then we take train to kelana jaya .
    while walking to the other side of the road ,
    suddenly aljer screamed "eh ! got bus larh"
    and we ran like mad chickens -_-

    bought lucky star for andy and tomson ,
    samantha say that i look like thier mother/sister
    wtf -_-
    watched stardust , and its really touching . i nearly cried -_-
    then grace's sis brought us to pyramid and..

    camwhored in topshop -_-

    samantha's hair was soooo nice XD
    i know my hair look black -_-

    went to kim gary to had dinner and i saw the leng chai .
    omg he's reallyyyyyyyyyy leng chai okayh *heartmelts*
    and guess what ? aljer wrote my number on a piece of tissue and gave to him .
    i like wtf ! then whenever he passedby me , he'll smile -_-
    gawd embarassing ! T_T
    then went to giant and buy pasta -_-
    i'll eat it everyday ! trust me ! one day i'll be thin and wears size 6 . trust me wtf >_>

    p/s: visit tomson's blog and see how gay is he LOL

    and , i guess i wont reply tags anymore (:

    5:38 AM

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    omg , conversation between me and andy was seriously lame -_-
    and he tried hard to make me laugh ^__^

    andy : Pauline , you are my idol !
    Pauline : Really ? wow XD
    andy : because i love doraemon ^^
    Pauline : wtf >_>

    and i made andy cry T_T

    11:29 AM

    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    went to RedBox to celebrate Beatrice's farewell today .

    tell us we look alike >_>
    i know she look way prettier -_-

    Beatrice ; Samantha ; Me (:

    us XD

    new blogskin , inspired from Nicole Low Yen Yi the cutie XD
    she was credited (:

    9:38 AM

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    thanks to andy lua chun ming and i cried on the phone again -_-

    he sucks . wtf >_>

    10:45 PM

    i need food !

    fine , i am weird .

    i bathed at 2 am -_-

    can someone please save me ?

    10:23 AM

    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    LOL , look at this human / wolf -_-
    i actually called him forest creature wtf .
    VodkaIced : You seem so familiar , i did pq (party quest) with you before ?
    xBueBue (wolf) : Yeah , think so .
    Babylollies (me) : You seem so familiar . i think i saw you once in the forest before .
    VodkaIced : zzz
    zShadowPath : -_-
    xBueBue : ...

    i dont know whether she's a human either -_-
    we actually backstabbed her , saying that she's ugly etc. when we are having pq .
    when i am leaving , one guy call the party leader to add his friend which is her -_-
    we all gone wtf okayh . just imagine you backstabb someone's friend right in front of that person . gawdd .

    VodkaIced my three days darling -_-

    12:32 PM

    wtf , this camera damn chio weih *heartmelts*
    gawd , i wants it ! if i could convince my dad to buy for me >_>

    2:19 AM

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    enjoy the babyyemo . omg he's seriously damn emo i tell you -_-

    10:06 AM

    when things gone .

    one month had just passed . time really flies .

    21 october o7 , a day i'll never forget .

    i'll forget it one day , perhaps ?

    i know i should .

    8:00 AM

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    wtf i am seriously lame okayh -_-

    Me : tomson , wake up lerh . go bath then walk to work .
    Tomson : you very free is it ?
    Me : Yea larh :D
    Tomson : then you "man man" (slowly in chinese)
    *slams phone* -_-

    Me : Andy andy ! get up now and go to work .
    Andy : where got work so early wan ?
    Me : got one . now you go bath then you walk to 1U . if too early then you mai walk to my house larh . we talk for 2 minutes then you walk back to work :D
    Andy : whatever larh no energy to fight back
    Me : you very sleepy merh ?
    Andy : Like duhhh . today got one girl forced me to give her my phone number .
    Me : wtf >_>

    Me : Lai Tomson ! Tomson Lai ! Lai Tomson ! Tomson Lai !
    Tomson : what ?
    Me : nothing :D
    Tomson : *snores*
    Me : wtf . k lah bb -_-

    i got nothing better to do .

    damn my phone ringing cuz low batt . fyi , i only got 1 plug beside my bed .
    when i charges my phone and my laptop will die too cuz only having 14% batt -__-

    bye :D

    11:16 AM

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    wtf i cant sleep !

    i dont know why .

    so i called tomson .

    Me : tomson , go work lerh .
    Tomson : LOL so early ?
    Me : cheh , haven't sleep wan -_-

    and willy ?

    Me : willy .
    Willy : what ?
    Me : haven't sleep wan ?
    Willy : Lol , dota

    at least James is here to chat with me .

    ahhhhhhh ! sien ~ sigh

    11:59 AM

    went pyramid to collet my 200+ salary today , 19 already today only get wtf >_>

    when we went there the manager wasn't there so we called him

    Me : kent ? i told me to collect salary today right ?
    Kent : erm , these few days i not free .
    Me : but you call me to collect today wan ?
    Kent : but now i not free marh . next time before you come please call me first you dont just come like that *rudely*
    Me : so when should i come again ?
    Kent : wednesday larh , but call me first .
    Me : -_- ok .

    Mai mai : kent ? i am here to collect my salary .
    Kent : today i not free .
    Mai mai : could you please give me a proper date so that i can get my salary ?
    i very busy wan ok .
    Mai mai : want larh !
    Kent : come on wednesday .
    Mai mai : * slams phone *

    WTF RIGHT ?!


    obviously we want larh ! or not work for what ?
    come so many times and ask for what ?

    and he sound damn rude ok .

    wtf man , now we're not working for you and anytime we might be your customer .
    with this kind to attitude i promise i wont fucking buy shirt from radioactive anymore .

    i remember i warned andy and tomson not to buy any shirt from there anymore LOL

    WTF WTF WTF o_o

    veron tought that it was tatoo LOL
    tell me my handwritting is nice :D

    8:07 AM

    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    i hate smokers ! thankyou D:

    8:55 AM

    Friday, November 16, 2007

    i miss the time he call me and made me laugeh so happilly ,
    the time i forced him to read bible everyday ,
    the time he sms me during kelana jaya's campfire and i smiled like i got the whole world ,
    the time he talked to me in the cinema ,
    the time we sat at Mcd and laughed happilly , that day i passed by and stared at that place ,
    and knew everything changed .

    and i realised the past brought me alot of happiness .

    22nd october 2007 4:59 pm . one message , and now i wont be crying anymore .

    but i choosed not to reply , when i make up my mind everything was way too late .

    its all my fault , neither his nor hers .

    all. mine.

    8:51 AM

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007
    food mania

    SAISAKI Japanese Buffet ! XD

    green tea ~

    tell me i am fat la wtf >_>

    strawberry cheese cake XD

    and bamboo trees outside .

    guess what ?

    i saw Prince hotel ! :D

    fine , i am lame -.-

    btw , anyone going to Leo Gala Dinner ?

    8:35 PM

    i dont know what is going on neither what should i do .
    perhaps , i should just stand there and watch o_o

    in a blink of eyes one year had passed .
    last year almost everytime go out with 9 chak
    and so many things happend , argue etc. etc.
    Me and Jason missed the past too .
    the time they celebrated birthday , christmas eve , christmas , new year eve , new year with me .
    and after i break up with ming wei i argued with almost every single 9 chak member >_>
    i miss the time i sms with James Lai every night and teased me Lol
    i miss the time we all had steamboat together on christmas and James actually used ming wei's phone to prank call samantha chong wtf . tell us we are evil -_-
    after the quarrel and damn long we didnt contact although i always saw Jason in church .

    and i miss the time i met him .
    Beatrice : Pau ! our school got leng chai !
    Pauline : WTF ?! our school got leng chai wan merh ? now only i know >_>
    (sorry if i offended anyone , i dont mean it TT)
    Beatrice : got larh ! i saw his name tag , Andy ! he's willy's friend .
    Pauline : owh , i know larh . damn leng chai wan wtf -_-

    and i asked willy soong for his number ? i ain't desperate >_<
    then so many things happened ? Grace , sook yin and GYP (i'll never forget how he scolded me fucker -_-) came to my class and brought sooooooo many people untill aljer go report to Mr victor . Lol

    everything ended after U8's IU day and after he coupled with Junyi .
    then everything came back on 21st october , but still useless .

    my days became so meaningless T_T

    9:02 AM

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    anyone know where to buy powerpuffgirl candy / lollipop ?

    tag me if you know thanks (:

    7:34 AM

    Monday, November 12, 2007

    3.06 am

    i got nothing better to do than watching Jay chou's MV and cry .
    i dont know what to past my time untill tomorrow morning .
    and no , tomorrow wasn't a special day either .
    it's like usual eat , sleep , maple , cry , watch tv and sleep -_-
    and my days became so meaningless , i dont know why .

    i still rmbr i told everyone that straight after PMR and i'll tell him everything .
    but i didn't , instead i waited silently ?
    and if it fails i'll work till i forget everything .
    but now , i refuse to work . stay at home and get fat .
    for the whole i only eat 1 meal but i'll grow fat like nobody's business D:

    i am such a failure wtf >_>

    Willy : Pau , when gonna celebrate bea's farewell ?
    Pauline : how i know ? o_o
    Willy : then when gonna celebrate yours ?
    Pauline : celebrate mine ? for being a failure which stay at home and cries every night ?
    Willy : Yeah -_-

    seeeeeeeee , evil kan ?

    i miss tomson lai D:
    that day argued because he waited very long for the security code -_-
    lame kan ?

    fine , i should brush me teeth and sleep -_-

    11:01 AM

    onethreeonefour x3

    1:34 AM

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    fine , my hair is purple / blue now .

    gawd i dyed my hair for almost 6 times already -.-

    8:37 PM

    Friday, November 9, 2007

    my pink highlights ?

    gawd , damn long didn't camwhore already Lol
    and i don't understand why every single day my forehead must bleed -.-

    11:12 PM

    Yosh ! i highlighted my hair pink o_o

    tell me i'm a sungai wang lala , lalamui or whatsoever which i wont fucking give a damn thankyou .

    okayh , i was suppose to get aubergine purple but my end up getting pink .

    and guess what ? my sis say my hair matches with my laptop -_-

    i miss J.co donuts D:

    7:38 PM

    i want J.co donuts D:

    anyone wanna accompany me to que and buy ? please ?

    6:46 PM

    WillYzZ] I will always be yours - i miss your smile i miss everything of yours said: see , you got good friends .

    o_o and only now i realised that i got really good friends ?

    samantha ♥
    a true friend which will do everything for me / with me ? included sisha ? and ahemm , nothing (: and gave me a hug when i was sad ? make me laughed like a retard ?

    Beatrice ♥
    my twin sister . she ditched me after she found willy soong D:
    but her jokes still make my stomach cramp Lol

    mai mai ♥
    i dont understand why she disagree with me(most of the time wtf) .
    which love to camwhore with my phone till amir says that its not my phone -.-

    fen leigh ♥
    my 5 years best friend . sometimes i used to hate her (?) i dont know why . gosh , i am immature

    cherish ♥
    hurm , i argued with her for bazzilion of times okayh . for no reason .
    we argued till i go her class and scold her in front of teachers . and now ? friends (:

    andy lua ♥
    the gay fag which make me laugh all the time .
    teaches me math till he vomit blood .
    and critisize me and make me kick him ?

    tomson lai ♥
    the guy which make me felt so warm ever ?
    and said lame jokes just to stop me from crying ?
    which allowed me to kill his character whenever i was sad .

    willy soong ♥
    which helped me so much with some condition (?)
    and entertained me with lame jokes -.-
    p/s : i paid him 50 cents to entertain me for 50 hours okayh -.-

    Lol , long ? i got nothing much to update tho . so decided to update lame things -.-

    12:43 AM

    i wan sisha D:

    12:20 AM

    Thursday, November 8, 2007

    ughh , i am so fuckingggg lazy to update my blog and rely tags -.-

    Willy : -.- mine is wayyyyy nicer :D

    Cherish : that immature freak was gan yew pang and
    yeah , pyramid 2 have J.co donuts ! XD

    Grace : i notice that :x

    Willy : willy is omgwtfevilguy /gg

    Andy : andy ~

    Tomson : tomson ~

    Willy : i love Yosh XD !

    Grace : a must ? o_o

    Cherish : thankyouuuuuu ! x3

    9:28 PM

    Yosh XD is so cute ! :D

    thanks to willy soong . heeehs .

    6:40 AM

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007

    Heeehs , everything is new ! Yosh XD

    10:11 PM